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1. Where can I take an NACT Certification exam?

The students can take NACT exam in two formats, Paper pencil testing and Online testing
Paper Pencil Test: We offer exams through NACT-affiliated schools or through central testing site, a third party exam administrator that we partner with.
Online Testing: You can take online exam at your own convenient schedule and place.

2. What are the requirements to take the NACT National Certification Exam?

Candidates may be required to provide evidence of training or work experience. Each certification program may have additional practical requirements as adopted by the Board.
For all NACT certifications, to be able to sit for the exam, students must:
•    Be at least 18 years of age
•    Possess a minimum High School Diploma OR the Equivalent
•    Have successfully completed a training program OR have one year of work experience within the same field.
•    Plus

Phlebotomy Technician Candidates-Training / work experience must include performing a minimum of 25 successful veni-puncutre and 10 successful capillary sticks. These veni-puncture and capillary sticks must be performed on live individuals. Candidates are prohibited from using mannequins to meet this requirement.

EKG technician Candidates: Training/work experience must include performing a minimum of 10 successful EKGs. These EKGs must be performed on live individuals. Candidates are prohibited from using mannequins to meet this requirement.

Pharmacy Technician Candidate: Have successfully completed a training program OR have a minimum of one year of pharmacy-related work within the last 3 years.

Your state may have additional requirements in order to obtain a license. You should always check with your state licensing board to determine specific licensing requirements.

3. How do I register to take the exam?

You can register in the following ways
Through Your School: If the school is an authorized testing center the students can register through their school for the test. The information will be available with the Designated Test Administrator (DTA) at the school.
Central Testing Site (CTS) Location: The students can register for testing at the Central Test Site (CTS) location. The schedule for testing and the confirmation can be done by calling 718 732 3585 OR Online at www.JoinNACT.org.
Online Examination: To register for an online exam the candidate must visit www.JoinNACT.org and create an account with NACT. After creating an account, click 'Register for the exam' and follow the prompts to complete your registration.Pay the fees required for the program of choice.

4. How do I study for my National Certification Exam?
Study materials including study guides and other materials are available for purchase at NACT Store. The study guides will help the students to prepare for the exam and master the certification.

5. What do I need to bring to the testing site?

Paper pencil exam at the school: School issued Photo ID card OR Government issued Photo ID card is required to go through testing at the Authorized Testing Sites (ATS) OR at the Central Testing Site (CTS) location of the NACT in Hackensack, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York.

6. How soon can I retake the exam?
You can retake an examination as many times as you wish. Each time you take the NACT exam you are required to pay in full fee.

7. What is NACT's refund policy?
There are no refunds offered on certification exams unless the scheduled exam date is canceled by NACT. However, the exam may be rescheduled within 4 weeks of the original exam date at NO additional cost.

8. If I completed my training in one state and now I am moving to another state or country, can I take the NACT certification exam in my new state?
NACT certifications are valid nationally as well as internationally. Some state may require state licensing after you move to other state or country.
9. What are the requirements for testing with my employer?
If you are currently an allied health professional working in an area of certification for a minimum of one year you may take a NACT certification exam either online or at our Central Testing Site location located at Hackensack, New Jersey OR Brooklyn, New York. More information is available to the candidates at our website www.JoinNACT.org.

11. How soon do I get the results of the exam?
Online exams: For online examination, you will be able to access your results immediately after your test. And certification and transcript will be mailed in two weeks of graduation.

Paper/pencil exams: If you took a paper/pencil exam, at your institution or at NACT Central Testing Site your results will be displayed within 7 Days of paper/pencil booklets being returned and received by NACT. You will receive your certification and transcript within 3 weeks of your examination.

12. How do I keep my certification current?
For the candidates who are already Nationally Certified through NACT recertification process is very simple. The candidate can get recertified by providing a proof of the following:
•    That they actively worked in the same profession as they chose their certification for at least 50% of time in the past 2 years.
•    They do not have any malpractice reports OR any other legal proceedings against their names which may not allow them to practice their chosen profession.

For candidate whose certificate has expired in more than 30 days OR who is applying for the first time they have to take the testing online or onsite. They can choose to do so at one of our Authorized Testing Site OR at our Central Testing Site location at Hackensack, New Jersey OR Brooklyn, New York OR can take an online test.

13. What if I have been convicted of a crime?
NACT examinations are assessments of each candidate's knowledge base related to the job functions and responsibilities of a particular profession. Considerations related to each candidate's background, including but not limited to criminal history, drug abuse are deferred to prospective employers and, where applicable, state licensing boards for individual determination.

14. What are the benefits of NACT National Certification?
The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace, creating many job opportunities in Allied Health Occupations. Many employers prefer and often require their workers to obtain National Certification.
Certification is granted to those candidates who demonstrate they meet the standards defined by the profession and can give you a competitive advantage, more job opportunities, a higher pay scale, and job security.

15. Is National Certification required?

In some states, National Certification is mandatory for Allied Health professionals. Check with your state regarding your specific Allied Health profession.


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