Restorative Aide

A restorative aide is a medical healthcare professional who is qualified as a certified nurse and whose main responsibility is to take care of patients who were ill or injured to return into their daily functioning. A restorative aide provides direct care to nursing home residents. They assist residents who need to do mobility activities such as sitting or walking up stairs, and assist residents in progressive eating. Restorative aides are responsible for following a patient care plan in helping patients with active range of motion (AROM) and passive range of motion (PROM) as assigned. The aide helps patients become ambulatory with appropriate equipment and in a safe manner. He removes splints or prostheses in transferring the patient from one location to another. The incumbent helps patients to help themselves whenever possible. A restorative aide provides the patient with good body alignment and positioning when in wheelchairs or on walkers. The aide monitors and reports daily activities of patients. This includes evaluating and documenting patient progress.

 Prerequisite: Successfully completed Restorative Aid certification course from any government licensed institute.

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