Revocation Policy

All certificates issued by the NACT are subject to revocation or suspension. The NACT will not suspend or revoke a National certification without giving the Certificate holder prior notice and an opportunity to be heard and to respond. The NACT will report any suspension or revocation of certification to its sponsoring societies.

The NACT may, at its discretion, revoke or suspend certification if any of the following criteria apply to the Candidate:

  • Misstatement of fact in the application for such certificate or otherwise, or to any third party concerning the National certification status.
  • Unqualified to receive the certificate at the time of issuance, even if the certificate was issued as a result of a mistake on the part of the NACT.
  • Failure to maintain moral, ethical, or professional behavior satisfactory to the NACT or engages in misconduct that adversely affects professional competence or integrity.
  • Failure to satisfy the MOC (Maintenance of Certification) requirements.
  • A Healthcare Professional License has been revoked, suspended, surrendered, or restricted in any jurisdiction in which the physician practices, holds a license, or has held a license.

If the NACT Ethics and Professionalism Committee (EPC) exercises its discretion to revoke or suspend a National certificate, a certified letter will be sent to the individual stating that his/her certificate has been revoked or suspended. The letter will include copies of the NACT's Certificate Revocation and Suspension Policy and the NACT's current Policies and Procedures (PDF) booklet. The letter will set forth the reasons for the suspension or revocation and will advise the individual that he/she has 30 days to appeal his/her loss of National Certification status in writing to the EPC.

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