School Membership: NACT offers school certification and membership opportunities. If you are an educational institution interested in being a member of “NACT registered Educational Institutions and authorized testing centers” you have to register in the database and send a membership request. NACT Membership for schools offering professional programs is honorary and bears no charges. Provided that the testing facility meets minimum NACT requirements and has signed a facility attestation, schools who are registered with NACT may administer NACT certification exams at their location.

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NACT Membership: Benefits of Membership

• Free Subscription to periodic newsletters

• 20 % Discount on Select scientific publications

• 20 % discount on seminars and hands on workshop

• Opportunity to connect with multiple employers

• Platform to share ideas and knowledge with various professionals If you are a professional working in the field of your choice and wish to further your educational credentials and certify your education you can apply for NACT professional membership. NACT professional membership will highlight your skills and give credentials to your educational qualifications. Membership due $ 45 annually

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Importance of Certification: Getting certified in the profession of your choice is highly important and can be beneficial in several ways.

• National and International Recognition ]

• Competitive programs developed by highly qualified professionals in the respective fields

• Low Cost of Certification

• Workshops and Seminars year around

• Skill enhancement as per market requirement

• Standard testing designed to suit current job and skill demand

• Online Tutorials

• Job Placement Assistance, Interview Preparation, Career Counseling

Continuing Education:

NACT is committed towards advancing the education and professional skill of its member professionals. We aim to provide an educational environment stressing professional advancement, and to prepare our students and advanced trainees to serve all patients in need whatever their means, to make contributions to the understanding, prevention and treatment of disease and injury, and to pursue a lifetime of study so that they will remain the best possible practitioners of medicine. The fulfillment of the academic mission requires the provision of exemplary clinical services, primacy of prevention, leadership in research and research training, and continuing education of graduates and other healthcare providers.

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