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NACT certification examinations are designed to test the knowledge of the subject and the ability of the candidate to update them with the current information. The NACT certifications are unique in their ability to test the practical grasp of the trade chosen by the candidate. The examination is suited to check the capability of the individual to utilize their skills in real life job situations. This provides an edge to the person in terms of being job ready and to be able to perform exceptionally on job. NACT Certification examination consists of objective type multiple choice questions. A typical certification exam will contain 100 multiple choice questions which the students have to answer. The tests will be graded on the basis of number of questions answered correctly. There is no penalty for questions answered wrong. Test Format: NACT offers the test in two formats.

1. Paper pencil format

2. Online format.

The paper pencil test can be taken by the candidate at their own school if these are authorized NACT testing sites OR at our central testing location in Hackensack, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. The central testing location is a third party partner which facilitate the NACT testing.

Online tests can be taken by the candidates at their own convenience from any location. Rules & Regulations

1. Your full name in CAPITAL LETTERS, Test ID and Social Security Number must be clearly printed on the answer sheet in the appropriate boxes, and on the sign in sheet along with your complete mailing address to process your exam results and certifications.

2. Do Not write on the test booklet; write only on the answer sheet. Anyone writing in the test booklet will be fined and may be removed from the exam.

3. Please do not eat or drink in the testing room.

4. Use of: beepers, radios, cellular phones, watch alarms, translators, dictionaries, and all other electronic devices are prohibited in the testing room. Please turn OFF all electronic communications devices.

5. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, including but not limited to: consulting textbooks or notes; discussing or reviewing any times on the exam with anyone else during the exam period; and talking to others during the exam. If the exam monitor suspects anyone of cheating during the exam, the monitor has the right to remove you from the testing room. You will have to retake the exam and be responsible to pay FULL PRICE again for retest.

6. You should answer every question on the exam. If you are unsure of the correct answer, try to eliminate incorrect answers and take your best guess.

7. Test results will be sent to you via mail. Please do not call for results; the NACT will not release grades on the telephone /via email. Please allow 15 days after the test date.

8. In order to achieve National Certification, you must receive a minimum grade of 70%; you will be required to retake the exam. You will be notified via mail of the next available testing dates and locations.

9. The monitor / proctor will not answer any questions once the exam begins.

10. Please use the restroom facilities before the exam begins. You will not be allowed to leave the test room again until you complete the exam.

Study Guides:

The NACT study guides are carefully reviewed and written to encompass the recent information. We strive to meet the latest industry standards in various occupations in terms of the information presented to the candidates. The study guides are the key to success in NACT certification examination as the information presented in the guides are relevant. The study guides will be mailed to the candidates as soon as they register for certification exam paying the registration amount. The study guides are also available separately for a nominal cost and the candidates can order these online. The following study guides are currently available to be shipped on request. The price of the study guide inclusive of shipping charges is $25.00

Clinical Medical Assistant EKG Technician Medical Billing and Coding
Certified Pharmacy Technician Combined Phlebotomy and EKG Patient Care Technician
Phlebotomy Technician Physical Therapy Aide Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Administrative Assistant Electronic Medical Records Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Personal Trainer Specialist Restorative Aid Dental Assistant
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Renewal of Certification:

Who can sign up for Renewal

Candidates already certified by NACT can apply for recertification to maintain certification status active.

Steps for recertification

Step 1

Fill in the Application

Step 2

Make the payment

Step 3

Wait for E-mail verification of receipt of your application. You will receive recertification confirmation within 3 working days.

Application for certification renewal

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